Saturday, January 26, 2013

Keep holdin' on.

I don't really have a hobbie like most people. I'd say my two favourite past times are watching BBC TV shows and messaging/emailing my friends.

Zhi Hui and M were always shocked in Europe by how many people I regularly talk to, and I guess it is a lot (roughly 20 people), but it's an anxiety free way to keep in touch with people, a time to organise my thoughts and express my love.

People I message: Zhi Hui, Violet Bow, Mama Goose, M, Hagrid, Lozza, Sarpedon, Maggie Moo, Tuna, Sax Buddy, Marty, Drehan Sister #2, Lex, Joolz, Marzipan, Mags, Sheery, my Bus Buddies (group message), Swan, Hildogga and L's mum. Also sometimes Ellen, Sammy Boy, JJ and Sam (my favourite online friend).

BBC TV shows which I love: Life On Mars, New Tricks, Spooks, The Lakes, Dr Who, Ashes to Ashes, Sugarrush and many more...