Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cognitive Distortion #307

“You decide that a broken
heart is a lot like getting your hair cut
and the years spent waiting for both to
grow back—shiny, undisturbed, new—
is the kind of vacation they advertise
in the magazines.”
—Kristina H
I had a dream a couple of nights ago about Pod. We had somehow gotten back together after a year of being apart. I was happier than I'd ever been. We walked along the streets bumping hips, holding hands. We kissed, slept beside each other and texted when we were apart. It was basically a montage of our previous relationship. In the dream, I became very worried about telling my friends that we were back together. I knew we had broken up for a reason. Finally, I stood beside a busy road with this huge grin on my face and my friend said, "you're back with her aren't you?".
See, here's the distorted thinking...what if she was my true love, my one and only? The story you tell your grandkids when they ask what true love feels like, the person all love poetry is written for, the person worth waiting for as a lonely widow so that death can sweep you away to be with your lover. Should I have fought harder to keep her? Why is she so hard to forget?
“I loved you head over handles
like my first bicycle accident—
before the mouthful of gravel and blood,
I swore we were flying.”
—Sierra DeMulder