Saturday, February 9, 2013


Mental health pro's:
*Reading the HP series for the first time since Borneo, really enjoying it :)
*Love poetry has stopped reminding me of P
*I haven't weighed myself since I left for Europe
*Exercising 4 times a week (running twice with Maggie Moo, zumba on Mondays and pool on Saturdays)
*My new laptop is way harder or "favourite" or "tab" pages and so I am less obsessive about the sites I visit per day

General pro's:
*Clarice Bean bought me sunflowers and a copy of the Little Prince
*I've been taking photos on a disposable camera to send to Camelgirl (we're doing a "film swap"...sort of like being pen pals but with a camera)
*I met Emma Louise on Wednesday (she drove me home!)
*Mum's bought me new runners
*On Monday mornings instead of going to school I can; drink tea, eat chocolate, cuddle my dog and listen to Ed Sheeran

Oh, and my apartment is confirmed and I move in in 2 weeks time!!!