Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In-flight note
Kitten, writes the mousy boy in his neat
fawn casuals sitting beside me on the flight,
neatly, I can't give up everything just like that.
Everything, how much was it? and just like what?
Did she cool it or walk out? loosen her hand from his tight
white-knuckled hand, or not meet him, just as he thought
You mean far too much to me. I can't forget
the four months we're known each other. No, he won't eat,
finally he pays - pale, careful, distraught -
for a beer, turns over the pad on the page he wrote
and sleeps a bit. Or dreams of his Sydney cat.
The pad cost one dollar twenty. He wakes to write
It's naïve to think we could be just good friends.
Pages and pages. And so the whole world ends.
-Judith Rodriguez
I had an argument with my lecturer and this girl from my class today. They said that the poet is mocking the boy's love, using the classical sonnet to express how trivial his love is. I said that the boy's love is real. No matter how people express their love, whether through poetry or on one dollar paper, their love is justified. I know what it's like to feel like you're whole world is ending only four months later. I think the poet is showing us a portrait of pain in it's rawest, most innocent form.