Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scar tissue that I wish you saw.

Small things:
*The flowers M & ZH brought me are blooming (I like flowers which haven't bloomed yet, you get to enjoy them for longer)
*Uni assignments are so overwhelming that I want to drop out, but life without uni is so overwhelming I want to opt out (my TOT teacher Nick is one of the only non heart palpitation producing people #alliteration)
*S4 of Gilmore Girls is really not that good (BBC just does everything better...ordered S1 of The Lakes so I can keep appreciating John Simm and everything he does for heartbroken youth like me)
*Seriously putting all my eggs in one basket for Monday's doctors appointment (so glad ZH is coming with me)
*Thinking of buying a whole new set of bras and undies (everything is stretched, painful or grotty and I don't feel sexy at all these days)
*I almost made a customer cry on Wednesday when I told her how much I wanted a baby (I think she has post natal depression, she hasn't been the same since she gave birth)
*I'm going on my first date in over a year and I have no idea what to do/wear/say/think but I am trying just to chill out and take things one step at a fucking time (will his mother like me? what happens if I'm a bad kisser? will he like me less when he finds out how crazy I am? what happens if I just keep wanting boobs? gjspdigjapijfpsioejtrp!!!)