Thursday, May 9, 2013

1 + 1

"You watch someone you love becoming psychotic, but you can do nothing until they are so ill that they are judged to be a danger to themselves or others. I used to wonder how society would react if we took the same approach with a physical illness. If someone had an infected leg, for instance, what would happen if we made them wait until it were gangrenous before giving any medical help?"
"Can you be angry with someone if it is their illness that makes them so destructive? But I was angry, so angry that I felt like thumping anyone and everyone."
"Fall apart. Say you're going to have a nervous breakdown. That's the only way the buggers will listen to you. You go in there all calm and collected and they think, Oh she's all right. She's not right-line casualty. She's coping...there are times in your life when it is foolish to pretend you are coping."
"We have decriminalized alcoholism but not mental can they find the energy to put back a life shattered by mental illness, when the daily experience of living is so debilitating?"
-All quotes from Anne Deveson's book 'Tell Me I'm Here'.