Sunday, June 30, 2013

but i have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep...

Mental list of things to do before I leave:
-Have heterosexual sex
-See Horrorshow live
-Pass my first semester of university
-Say goodbye to all my FNAPPs
-Get a blood test (#organdonorresponsibilities), get a massage, shave my legs, get a hair cut, buy more bras

Which step have you reached today? | via Tumblr
List of thing's I could do if I get through this all:
-Become an OT
-Be an advocate for equality and campaign to change the treatment of mental illness by health care professionals and the wider community
-Have a kid
-See L get married
-Travel to the UK
-Watch Zhi Hui grow old, despite everything
-See abortion and gay marriage legalised
-Get more tattoos
-Write and publish an autobiography
-Speak at a conference on a topic I am passionate about (both significant in my fear of public speaking and lack of knowledgeable passions)
-Spend more than half my life being in love

there is no me, without you | via Tumblr