Thursday, July 4, 2013

oh darling, my hearts on fire.

Good things about today:
-Woke up to eight unread emails from Laurel Matilda
-Ate breakfast, made my bed and the only clothing on the floor was a single bra and a pair of pink bathers
-Met with the head of English, Alexis, and somehow we started talking about her sister with motor neuron disease (MND) and why literature is so important to our lives; both our partners go to the spoken word pub on Saturdays and I thought this was a cute coincidence
-Wrote five pages on gender constructs in 'Hamlet' and manage to weave feminism and blurring the boundaries of gender into a strong textual argument (whilst simultaneously securing a pass for TOT)
-Ordered my first soy chai from my favourite uni café (was previously too scared to break from my regular routine, even though I adore the staff and coffee there)
-Talked to a wonderful OT from Belgium who convinced me to apply for special consideration so I can pass HBA (my hardest health science subject), and told me that my mental illness would only enrich my experiences and ability to help others in the future
-Listened to Ed Sheeran and Passenger on repeat, sang along just to piss off my neighbor. Such bliss...