Friday, August 23, 2013

increased distress tolerance.

“Suicidal people believe they have no choice but to commit suicide. That's what makes suicidal plans so dangerous. As your friends anxiety grows, as they feel more and more trapped by painful feelings and problems, the more they begin to see only two choices: 'I must live with these terrible feelings forever' or 'I must die to escape them.' Your friend is experiencing constricted thinking. They seee only two choices - life or death - ...suicidal people live in the present: 'I am trapped now. I am afraid now. I hurt now.' Their constricted imaginations cannot take them into tomorrow or next week, much less next month or next year. Time makes things less painful...but suicidal people can't think about time.”
—Richard Nelson & Judith Galas
I was told over and over by hospital staff not to research or over-analyse my treatment. However, no one seems to have answers to my questions about suicide, and I am convinced that I do not need therapy for my life experiences; I just need therapy to accept how my life experiences made me feel...I am also facinated with the health care system (especially the treatment of psychiatric illness) and I believe that I deserve to take time out to accept, research and recover from my life threatening illness (however self inflicted or otherwise).
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