Monday, September 2, 2013

killing me softly.

“I'm not suggesting the world is good, that life is easy, or that any of us are entitled to better. But please, isn't this the kind of thing you talk about in somber tones, in the afternoon, with some degree of hope and maybe even a handful of strategies?—Richard Siken
I have found a sense of purpose other than days are filled with sunshine, simpliscity, sadness; perspective, pain, pride
“‘See, you think I'm being a brat and I think I am escaping an abusive relationship...instead of always saying I'm wrong or automatically telling me that I'm hurtful, or childish, or rude, or whatever, you could try to actually help me.’ He throws his hands up. ‘And now an ultimatum! Is that what this is? We have to do it your way or else we can't be your family? This is you not being a brat?’ .” —Alyssa Brugman
Today I saw my father for the first time in six months...I'm not ready to love him, but I'm ready to move on
A: How can you call it love when it hurt you so badly?
B: It was love because it was worth it
―Jay Asher
This quote epitomises the relationship I have with Zhi Hui...even when I am so deep in my pain and don't believe her, or in my ability to live past the present pain, we make it through