Wednesday, October 16, 2013

against all odds.

Text which I cannot bare to send to Aileen (I am not brave enough):
Hey Ails, it's Eri from hospital :) I'm really sorry for not being in contact sooner, I was worried about ‘boundaries’ and ruining the beautiful moments we had in hospital with‘real’ life ... I really hope you're well, moved out to the city yet? I am actually trying to organise a one day conference/activity program for young people between 18-25 who are either suicide survivors or bereaved siblings of suicide victims. I know it sounds really intense and full on and maybe you don't even want to associate yourself with that term or kind of world, but I really want to provide a space where it's okay for young people to talk about suicide, depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. I'm happy to talk more (even if you're not interesting, it would be lovely to see you and catch up, I really miss your caring nature and use of the word ‘girlfriendshaha). Much love, E. x

Ideas for the charity I want to start:
* Sponsor a young person with private health insurance - ask people to sponsor a young person at risk of self-harm or suicide, very similar to World Vision's idea, except this time allowing young people admission into private hospitals once assessed as high risk by a health care professional such as a GP or psychiatrist. This would lower the rate of attempting to fail, emergency room attendance or being admitted in a public hospital where a large number of long-term involuntary psychosis patient reside; promoting a quicker and more efficient recovery rate, especially for those in lower socio-economic areas who cannot afford to be seen privatively. If the insurance is not required for a calendar year; deals could be made with the insurance company for half the money to be donated back into further advocacy/research programs
*A conference like the one described above which includes; specialists who focus on mental illness, grief and suicide, information sheets and tool-kits for suicide survivors and the bereaved, opportunities to talk with other members of the conference about recovery and becoming empowered patients and members of the community; as well as access to counsellors and social workers at the venue to alleviate any distress caused by this sensitive subject (a beautiful venue and catering would also be a must)
*TV ad campaign to de-stigmatise the discussion of suicide in the wider community - comparing it to other illnesses and shifting the blame from the victims and families, to inadequate treatment, understanding and support of this terrible affliction

Text which I sent to a beautiful women who beat BPD:
Hi Ryder, it's Eri here :) It was really nice to meet you the other day, I hope you're well. I'm currently looking to organise a one day conference like the one we just attended but for suicide survivors and bereaved siblings of would be an honour to have you either as a guest speaker, panel member or participant. The aim is to de-stigmatise suicide, discuss issues faced as a survivor and the huge burden of pain felt while suffering from suicidal ideation; while also also understanding the impact of our potential actions with the bereaved...I loved your black humour at the conference (even if I might not have looked it) and I was relieved to hear someone talk about things that just don't get said aloud - especially the guilt you feel towards your daughter, I feel that so strongly with my best friend. Sorry for being so forward, take care of yourself always x