Tuesday, October 22, 2013

forgive me lover, i have loved you wrong.

Once again, international advocacy campaigns completely out-class Australian ones (click on each photo for an enlarged version). 
More info here. Also a video I wish I'd seen before hospital.


Jamilla S said...

Hey! :)

I wish there was a better way to reply but there isn't so I'll just use this blogpost (I saw those ads a few days ago, powerful campaign and that youtube video said everything I thought when I watched that Jenna Marbles video). Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I don't always know what to say but I read all of your blogposts and I am rooting for you. You seem brave, intelligent and wonderful. I hope that one day you find that peace in your mind that you so deserve. As for my recent entries, I wanted to say that you got it wrong. That it isn't about grief and heartbreak but maybe it is. Although the thing that breaks my heart is only the distance. That I can only wish him goodnight but not kiss him goodnight.

Take care! xx

{ felicity } said...

Ditto with the girl above, although I don't comment often, I still read your blog. You've never stopped being beautiful and amazing throughout my time in reading your blog. I've always admired your thoughts and opinions. Also, your ability to find quality literature and pictures. I'm a hoper and I'm hoping for you and your sunshine.

I love this blog post and I love this campaign. As an open feminist, my heart sings when I see awesome campaigns like this. Thanks for introducing me to it.

All my love,