Tuesday, October 1, 2013

good intentions, paving company.

After WWII the German government said to their Jewish citizens, we are so sorry for what we have done, please know we intend to make it up to you. They said they would reimburse all lost houses and possessions monetarily (with adequate documentation of ownership, of course). But the Jews didn't have marked graves, let alone land titles and deeds. They had dead children and tattooed numbers, malnutritioned mothers and fathers who cried all night long. So, the German government got to keep their money and preserve some perverse sense of justice; we are helping our country to heal. And generations later, uncles still talk in hushed whispers about friends who never got in touch after the war and the dinner table is oddly silent when a widower begins to howl at the sound of New Year's Eve fireworks.
 This is what CAT therapy feels like.