Friday, October 4, 2013

raspberry and rhubarb crumble.

Images by Jessica Dudfield. 

Having trouble formulating meaningful sentences as of I will instead leave you with a political issue that gets my blood pumping despite every other sense feeling completely numb and disconnected...the treatment and perception of women in Australia, especially by our recently elected PM (and recently dismissed one!).
This week has consisted of re-reading Anne Frank's diary, re-watching episodes of Fringe that were spoiled by him, spending time with beautiful friends such as Maddy D and Teli and successfully applying for four days of conferences worth a total of $1000. Discussion and information topics include: the neurological and chemical differences between female and male brains and how this affects cognitive perception, trauma and how the label of ‘trauma’ can do more harm than good, foster care and supporting youth to become integrated adults, supporting young children through abuse and neglect in a professional setting, entrenched disadvantage, disability advocacy and programs for adolescents with aggressive tendencies...
I guess I'm too busy to be sad, but I still miss my best friend.