Saturday, November 16, 2013

hard times come again no more.

You always say that it's hard because it must hurt the other person to say these things but it must be hard for you too. Hard to be honest and hard to feel like you can't be.”
Things to do with Laurel Matilda when she gets home:
-Have chai at my favourite Offspring café
-Watch Chicago, With Every Heartbeat (a Swedish film) and Love Actually
-Get ice cream on Brunswick St and b&w photo booth photos in the city
-Show her around uni and eat boreks and hot jam donuts with Sarpedon
-Op-shopping marathon together (no more crazy Swiss prices!)
-Visit Hope up in the hills, hot chocolates on the way home
-Eat guilt free croissants on the couch like we did last year

 I'm so glad that finally somebody is listening to you about the pain that you're in and not trying to devalue it.