Friday, November 29, 2013

your active life is making a real difference today - so make sure that you aren't just sitting at a desk all day long!

Letter of gratitude:
To the women at Centrelink who told me Cancerians are sensitive little creatures and to take care of myself, to Lou's family who welcomed me with open arms and let me curl up on their couch every Wednesday for months, to the receptionist from CAT who recognises my voice on the phone, makes tea when I'm crying and tells me about good gigs coming up when I'm anxious, to the staff at Maccas who have never once questioned my strange orders or judged my mood or lack of bra, to J-Hawk from work who hasn't given up on being my friend since my admission and sends regular texts just to say hi, to the man at Centrelink who told me about his daughter with IBS and rushed my application specially, to the mum's in doctors waiting rooms who let me play with their babies and tell me about their parental leave or labour experiences while I sit in awe, to the pharmacists at my local chemist who dutifully dispensed my weekly, and then fortnightly, medication with gentle authority and seemed genuinely happy when I showed signs of improvement, to the wonderful health care professionals I meet at conferences and in passing who give me their details and business cards and offered support or job opportunities in the future, to the two female imaging technicians who apologised profusely when I told them why I was having a pelvic ultrasound and gently performed each step with the upmost respect and compassion for my freshly wounded self, and finally, to everyone I met in hospital (both the staff, patients and their family) who hold such a precious place in my heart...
Thank-you for making 2013 that tiny bit more bearable, if I could, I'd buy you all a dozen roses and take away all your pain.
With love, E. x