Saturday, December 7, 2013

no time for you to have those blues - you'll be for me and i'll be for you.

List of my favourite baby names...
For girls: Aileen, Evelyn, Lisele, Jolene, Clementine, Olive, Billie, Charlie, Adelaide, Adeline, Iona, Lyra/Lila, Piper, Ida, Audrey and Ingrid
For boys: Harper, Eden, Louie, Evan, Riley, Spencer, Felix, Clarence, Percy, Seiko and Finley
Maybe names: Enid, Laurel, Malia, Maya or Amaya, Robyn, Wren and Hermione - for girls. Hunter, Otis, Wade, Ethan, Jensen, Hudson and Henry - for boys
Nice middle names: Poppy, Daisy, Matilda, Katherine (after my lovely friend Kate), Josephine, Jacqueline, Acacia - for girls. Alistair, August, Milo, Ivor, Oliver, Augustus and Julius - for boys
Unisex names: Theo, Clancy, Ethan, Sidney/Sydney and Kieran