Sunday, December 15, 2013

why is it so hard to make it in america?

“So I do not rely on anything. Nothing is solid. I keep my life as self-contained as I can, a capsule that may be tossed and turned and thrown about, but that will not burst open, not leak, not break.” —Georgia Blain

Good moments as of late:
-Watching the Hobbit movie with Miss Clare and her two incredibly attractive brothers and crying with her father at the kitchen table
-The Drehan's netball game - yelling loud and embarrassing encouragements from the sidelines: "go Wolverines go!"
-Singing along to every single Taylor Swift song at her concert with Mascara and Lemon (and feeling greatful I didn't miss it)
Thank-you presents at Christmas time...
-Flowers for DJM (sunflowers), the pharmacists at my local chemist (irises) and my therapist Susie (Australian native flora)
-Animaux EP for Steve
-Thank-you card for Matt
-Yellow coffee cup with the words 'FELICITY: sigh with relief' and Scottish shortbread for Felicity
-Macaroon coin purse for Lou (she didn't have to care but she did anyway)
-Kikki-K 2014 weekly diary and penguin Pillow Pet for Miss Clare

Things to look forward to...
-Meeting Laurel Matilda at the airport after more than 12 months apart with a welcome home banner and a running hug
-Visiting the national Braille library with L and taking her to a café on Chapel St over the summer (the height of cool for a seven year old)
-Going to see the Smurf Movie 2 with S and his hand-made bracelet we made together which reads: Harry Potter defeats Voldemort
-Visiting Boston's top universities including MIT, Harvard and Boston Collage; dancing in Toronto's snow to Leonard Cohen, staying with my MI twin in the UK & finding a cute cobble street cottage to live in for a few weeks in Wales
-Feeling the firmness of my pregnant stomach and the steady beat of my baby's heartbeat; I am sure I'll be one of those mums who loves every moment of her pregnancy
“This sadness will last forever.” —Vincent van Gogh