Tuesday, January 7, 2014

come on baby, we're going to fly away.

Good moments as of late:
-Talking to our Nepalese waitress about work visas, the culture of Nepal and societal expectations placed on her as a women of the 21st century while simultaneously arranging my plate with vegetarian dumplings, ricotta and onion masala and prawn red curry - such delicious and delicate food and so fitting of the insightful and kindhearted people of Nepal
-The women on the tram who watched Laurel Matilda and I exchange giggles and stories on the tram ride home, finally breaking her vailed attempts at eavesdropping to outright laugh and wave goodbye - I'd like to think she understood the depth of our friendship from the brief glimpse she had into our lives with the photos we shared and the way we talked both seriously and sarcastically about our lives in a single breath
-Excited anticipation for Miss Clare's return home, Harry Potter movies with my two favourite munchkins (L & S) and future movie marathons with my new friend Felly - the future feels exciting because it belongs to someone other than me, this depersonalisation is fabulous