Tuesday, February 11, 2014

i can barely stand up, i can hardly breathe; pour me something stronger than me.

My botanist uncle finally identified my tattoo - calytrix depressa

Some things I love about this flower, despite having no clue what it was when I got it permanently inked on my body:

-Mostly commonly known as the 'star flowers' because of its unique five-petal cluster and multitude of brightly coloured stamen
-Native to the coast of South Australia (where my grandpa was born)
-Ranges in colour between white, pink, yellow and purple
-Grows in skeletal or sandy soils (the idea of skeletal soil intrigues me)
-The specific tattoo I chose shows the calytrix depressa in its three forms (bud, blossoming and fully formed)

Sort of the perfect way to encapsulate recovery and the battle ahead?