Friday, March 21, 2014

it’s my fault for believing in God the wrong way.

(too tired to proof read this post but also don't know if I'll feel this optimistic anytime soon, so here it is regardless...)

Things to look forward to (in chronological order):
*Deferring my course (once again) for semester one and instead throwing myself into my own recovery and healing practices surrounding that - my goals for the next few months include: entering in my local council writer's competition (first prize is $2000!) in April, volunteering at the Mental Illness Fellowship as either a helpline and information service provider or on the Speaker's Bureau to present information about the lived experiences of someone suffering from a mental illness, meeting with my local Green's member Adam Bandt (and the lovely Alaska) to discuss the current flaws in the Victorian health care system and our suggestions for positive action
*Mental health first aid training course at uni - a total of 12 hours of instructive practical information to support someone developing a mental health problem or dealing with a mental health crisis, more info here
*Easter with Bubbles and family in rural Victoria - meeting her eclectic family which consists of her two biological children and two foster kids, learning about the developmental implications of trauma and abuse in early childhood and innovative solutions and practical supports for recovery
*National Suicide Prevention conference with Miss Clare in July - flying to Perth and staying in a youth hostel, cooking vegetarian, gluten and dairy free meals, exploring a new city and shopping with one of my best friends, it'll be so nice to be in Perth for a suicide prevention conference for my 20th birthday instead of awaiting admission; feeling completely damaged and sick
*The Australian Childhood Foundation's International Trauma Recovery conference in early August with my fave mental illness warriors and advocates including Bubbles and Echuca - I wish everyone who has been exposed to trauma had the opportunity to attend conferences like these, learning about the biological and psychological effects of trauma has done so much for my own recovery and understanding of my illness, more info here

Other little goals for the next 6 months:
*Buy more bras, lacey underwear and fun singlets like this
*Dip-dye my hair (as inspired by my gorgeous friend who is currently completely her year 12 in China and the gorgeous Karlie Kloss in glasses)
*Continue to work with my naturopath to develop a holistic treatment plan to improve my physical and mental health

My top five organisational charities (narrowing down this list has taken a few months, I wanted to really solidify the kind of charities/organisations that I'd happily donate money towards, encourage others to support and those who use their funds for positive and unique programs which promote innovation, not just a feel-good feeling for those privileged enough to be able to donate):