Friday, May 30, 2014

i'll hold you tightly and tell you nothing but the truth.

Things that make me sad:
-Aileen never replied to my emails about catching up even though her mum was so lovely and it felt meant to be
-Cameron, Alaska and Siobhan's roles are all so limited and I need other supports than just therapeutic ones
-Miss Clare's starting work on her trauma related dissociation and it's so hard watching her go through similar processes to me and hoping for the best but expecting the worst
-Watching Offspring (I relate so strongly with Nina...even some of her sex experiences ring true with my own)
-Email conversations with Ellen
-That the Drehan girls always text to make sure I'm home safe and I never once thought how fucked that was until Elloit Rogers
-When the free train newspaper uses the term killed themself instead of took their own life or completed suicide and I expect better but wonder whether it really matters at all
-When people from uni don't bother asking if I wanna go out because they just assume I don't
-Thinking about sex with the Poet