Thursday, May 22, 2014

what a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.

While I was feeling such a mess, I thought you'd leave me behind,
While I was being such a wreck, I thought you'd treat me unkind.

Draft plan of an article that I plan to write for my universities student magazine called Stigma Challenge...

Rough guide to supporting someone (and yourself!) through mental illness, trauma or a personal crisis:

  1. Understanding the depth of psychiatrist pain, distress, trauma and validating their experiences
  2. Spending time together, knowing when to question their ‘happy act’ and when to play along
  3. Continuing signs of support – saying ‘I love and care about you’ and encouraging ‘safe intimacy’
  4. Understanding the limits of your role – you are not responsible for their safety or happiness
  5. Setting boundaries for your relationship, distinction between family/friend/lover and therapist
Final summary about key intervention strategies (GP, free uni counselling or other private psychological services, talking to family and other support networks, encouraging community involvement, financial assistance, study supports, grocery and food support, massage and holistic suggestions, self-care and helplines

While I was feeling such a wreck, I thought of losing my mind,
While I was feeling such a mess, I thought the sun'd never shine.