Thursday, June 26, 2014

i want to sit you down and talk about it.

And all day long we talk about mercy;
Lead me to water Lord, I sure am thirsty.
Joanna Newsom

Collection of small thoughts that I keep thinking:
*If no one else understands me, my family, my past and how my brain works as well as Zhi Hui does for the rest of my life, I think I will be satisfied
*The reason I like staying with couples in Europe so much is that I get to watch men who are totally and completely in love with their wives and I think, that’ll be me one day
*I love people like M because they understand my changeable moods and they notice and acknowledge how far I’ve come. M truly believes that one day I will do more than just survive. It took me ages to believe that getting through 2012 was enough, but I finally in a bunk bed at 4am in Barcelona, it felt like an achievement 
2013 will be full of good things.