Tuesday, July 22, 2014

answers appear when you just stand still.

Goals for/answers wanted from the conferences:
*Genetics of suicide - ethics of having kids...is it fair to pass on severe familial suicidal tendencies to my future children (assuming I can have kids)?
*Programs for youth survivors of suicide or the bereaved - perhaps I could join a monthly lived experience youth group in Melbourne?
*Government prevention programs specifically targeting youth who experience trauma and doesn't consider hospital a last resort (sometimes hospital is all you need to realise that people are taking your psychiatric pain seriously, my suicide ideation only got worse the longer I waited for an admission)
*Appropriate representation and reporting of suicide and self harm in the media (Mindframe's guidelines have been infinitely helpful and reassuring when I am triggered or personally offended by media reports or blasé comments by lecturers or even medical staff)
*Better understanding of crisis response and suicide hotlines - were my experiences the exception or the norm?