Sunday, July 13, 2014

you light me up when all i see is darkness - you light me up when i'm down.

Things to aim for (daily):
*Peace from the noise (both internal and external)
*Clarity to make well-informed decisions (moment to moment)
*To feel like I am pursuing or achieving aspects of a broader goal (live life by my values and morals - making pain into something useful/beautiful/worthwhile, helping others who are suffering)

Things to aim for (lifelong):
*Greater understanding and acceptance of myself and my limitations (we all move uneasily within our constraints)
*Develop some effective long term trauma recovery strategies (help to minimise the harmful effects of my experiences and the disruption caused to my daily activities)
*Learn to let go of the expectations I place on others (whether that be close supports such as Alaska and her limited capacity due to ethical/legal complications surrounding staff and students boundaries or Zhi Hui's inability to maintain our friendship due to her own personal trauma)