Monday, September 22, 2014

and you can’t save me now, i’m in the grip of a hurricane. i’m gonna blow myself away.

Texts to a wrong number...

10/7/14 (11.05am):
Hey Alaska, sorry for not being in touch recently. I leave for Perth in a weeks time and will reply to your email before then for sure! :~) Also thought you'd be happy to note that I got a pixie cut on Monday and feel fab! #fuckgenderstereotypes #shorthairisthebest x

5/9/14 (9.51am):
Hey Alaska! Your donation name for Steptember put a huge smile on my face! Thanks so much and enjoy your weekend! :~) ♡

10/9/14 (12.10pm):
Hey Alaska, do you have any plans for like an hour from now? Would love to come and have a tea with you if you're around :) x

22/9/14 (2.02pm):
Hey Alaska, you free for a quick drop in around 3-4pm? No worries if not! xx