Sunday, October 5, 2014

everything i'm not became everything i am.

Today's to do list (5/10/14):
-Take meds (Effexor and Piroxicam...I've had a pain flare recently)
-Vacuum bungalow (moved majority of my stuff yesterday...I hate seeing my life's possessions all jumbled together in boxes)
-Write Media essay on the train (now more than four weeks overdue)
-Lunch on Brunswick St ($4 pizza is the best)
-Buy disposable camera (documenting houses and environments I leave has become important to me)
-Pick up medications (same as above...weird because I had to sign a release form today which I haven't done for months)
-Watch Doctor Who in bed (really don't like this season because the new Doctor is so misogynistic but my OCD forces me to keep with the tradition of watching it every Sunday anyway)
-Check uni emails (group presentations are the worst)
-Text Sam from GTA (starting a new type of therapy in the Spring)

In other news:
-Bought $270 worth of bras and undies with Kit-Kat and Lilac for $80 last week and I'm officially 12DD (can I hear a #betterfatthandead?)
-Spending time with Friday and her kids, Savi and Belle, has really become a highlight of my week, full stop (text from Fri today: we r the lucky ones! Feel like an angel landed on my doorstep that day!x”)
-I gave Alaska a stress less present last week and in return she's going to paint roller something for my new room
-Next week will be my 17th therapy session with Cameron and I'm limited to 20...I'm not sure what I'll do on the last one because he honesty just feels like a friend and, once again, I've managed to blur the professional/patient boundaries so sometimes we just bitch about the failing health care system or a new government report we've both read (is it weird to buy him a present?)
-Suicide Prevention Australia actually listened and responded to my suggestions for improving the National Suicide Prevention conference for next year in Tassie...I think we might even be able to hold the awards night at the MONA! It's so exciting to be noticed, acknowledged and respectful (“nothing about us, without us”)
-Bought a new bed with Mum who said, “you know, if you have a male partner, white isn't a very neutral colour
(“oh I'm sorry! I can't believe I forgot to think about what he prefers!)
-Ed Sheeran will be on tour next year and I'm really tempted to buy tickets but I don't have someone to go with and it costs $100 (my embarrassing taste in music astounds even me)
-I'm visiting Bubbles in rural Victoria at the end of the month and I'm so excited to cuddle the little ones and play Cheat or Scrabble with the Tweeny Boppers (I've felt so distant from them lately so it'll be good to have my room back and just relax)
-Been quite distressed by all the media attention about Sam Pepper and other YouTubers who sexually harass and/or assault women but proud and inspired that sexual assault is being talked about openly across social media (for more info, check out Laci Green's video or for a slightly more informative, less triggering video you can go here