Thursday, October 30, 2014

i am very sad and i feel more miserable than i can say, and i do not know how far i've come.

What makes a good therapist:
-Someone who doesn't ask what's wrong? but says ‘what happened?
-No family diagrams
-Someone who notices pauses and when their patient needs to speak and when they need silence or reassurance
-No clock checking or excessive note taking
-Someone who is willing to run overtime if there need is there
-Eye contact
-Someone who matches their interaction to your state; if you feel vulnerable, they act in control, if you feel dismissed, they act like a school principle towards a senior staff member
(assumption of equality of intellect and motives)
-Must wear sensible shoes
-Does not discuss past patients success stories unless prompted
-Available to speak on the phone or via email

See? I'm not ready to finish up with him. I'm not. And I'm fucking pissed off that it's because of government funding and rules and if there is ever a timeline for grief and you're gonna have to watch me crash and burn.