Thursday, October 16, 2014

i need more kindness than i deserve.

Statement of intent:
What do I want to write about?
How our traumatic experiences effect our development as a person and “stitch together” fragments from our experiences, thoughts and perceptions to form a coherent story. Understanding loss, grief and the emotion which is removed by a scientific (or clinical) lens.
What do I really want to write about?
What draws someone towards death? How can people’s bodies provide a physical story (similar to the ‘story’ of an autopsy)? What emotions and experiences do these forms portray?
Three emotions which drive the project:
Grief, trauma and sadness
Other concepts/questions for exploration:
What kind of physical remains do people leave behind? What kind of experiences die with their owners? Who mourns for those alone, isolated and most vulnerable? Can trauma be overt as well as hidden? What is the different between physical evidence of trauma and emotional scars?