Monday, October 20, 2014

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.

Notes from my literature class, semester 2:
*Sensory deprivation vs. sensory saturation
*Horror movies express our innate fear of being alone and exploit this...either character becomes evil through isolation or victim is vulnerable because they are isolated
*Horror genres act as a reassurance to society
(terrible things happen to other people!”)
*Tension between how our cultural identity is narrated and how it is actually experienced
*Repress memories vs. express experience
(within the family context and within ourselves)
*“I put my all into that story, what else is there to be said?”
*“Loving you was my favourite form of self harm.”
*The human body as a text (eg. scars) vs. natural landscapes as text
(eg. bush after a fire)
*Different between story (telling, lack of intrigue) and plot (showing, suspense, surprise)
*Insanity = an unreasonable goal + the determination to reach it (what does that say about my periods of suicidal ideation? Is that a form of insanity?)
*Normalised vs. sensationalised violence
(eg. the Hunger Games, the Lottery)
*David Foster Wallace (controlled writing performance and likable voice of characters...sadly another talented artist lost to suicide)
*The most romanticised form of commercialisation is a teenager boy buying a new pair of jeans before going home and taking scissors to the knees to impress a girl named Janine
*Excitement in the intricate vs. fear of complexity
*What is the difference between critiquing and promoting?