Monday, November 17, 2014

thank you's for 2014.

To Nova from the MIF (I will never forget you), to the kind doctor who talked me through my very first pap smear and STI screening and acknowledged the elephant in the room (I'm so sorry that your first time was so traumatic), the staff at my local (and now out of the way) chemist for providing safeguards to protect my life when I was most vulnerable (and always remembering my name), to the friendly staff at Centrelink who make an effort to be kind to me (some by commenting on my age, middle name or following up on claims as swiftly as humanly possible) - it always makes a difference. Thank you all.

To the creator of baby friendly jewelry and Beckie0 for inspired me to wear something fashionable and therapeutic (little things like that really matter), to the mum's at childcare, waiting rooms or next door neighbours who let me cuddle their kids and kiss their foreheads - your kindness and care goes beyond words, to the reception staff at clinics and appointments who recognise my voice on the phone or have a chat after appointments - it's because of you that coming back isn't so hard, to people who provided me with a home away from home and unstructured (and unpaid!) support, just because you care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the cute pets and animals who have sneaked into my life and heart and put up with hours of cuddles - I never thought I'd be a dog person, to all the stores who let me use their toilet without question or purchase, to the ladies from Bendon Factory Outlet who correctly fitted me and erased months of back pain, to all the stores and companies who make sustainable, ethical products that actually work - my skin and conscious are forever greatful. Thank you a million times over.

Thank you to my friends for sticking by me and waiting for the storm to pass. Thank you to my noble doctors and health care professionals for supporting through my journey. Thank you to all of my little favourites (TV shows, snacks, exhibitions, clothes and note pads) and the people who make them possible. Thank you to my amazing email correspondents for cheering me up and giving my days purpose. Thank you to everyone who made this year a little gentler, kinder, softer and more loving. I am so blessed.