Monday, December 1, 2014

perhaps living through these petty days will get us ready for the dangerous ones.

-- Trigger warnings --

1: Would you like a smoke?
2: Sorry I don't believe in slow forms of suicide

I believe that in the 21st century smoking nicotine cannot be blamed on ignorance or passed off as trendy. It indicates untreated anxiety or other mental health issues and is a form of self medication (similar to gambling, drug abuse and alcoholism).
It's not an empowering decision because you don't have a choice about other aspects of your life or physical health or autonomy over your treatment in the health care system. It is a purely selfish and reckless choice to disregard your long term health - a slow form of suicide.
And I don't just say this as someone who lost my godmother to smoking related emphysema. I say this as someone who actively seeks treatment for anxiety and depression, takes non-addictive medication to control symptoms of these disorders and aims to consciously deal with trauma related experiences in my everyday life. I say this as someone who has every reason to smoke and chooses not to.

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