Sunday, December 21, 2014

teach me how to gracefully let go of things not meant for me.

Goals for 2015:

-Join a weekly art class
-Get a job in after school care
-Continue at the childcare for kids with additional needs
-Follow my study plan for uni and study subjects I enjoy and excel in
-Fresh juices every morning and less junk food throughout the week


When people come to me saying they want to kill themselves, I tell them, What's your rush? You can kill yourself any time you like. So calm down. Suicide is a positive act.And they do calm down. ―Emil Cioran


Goals for the near and distant future:
-Become a foster parent
-Move into my own house (either by my name being on the rental certificate or buying my own home)
-Consume food, products and services which are ethical and sustainable
-Continue to explore my faith, spirituality and religious beliefs
-Find a partner with whom I can build something truly special and sacred