Wednesday, December 3, 2014

time has frozen. it sits on me, choking me.

Nathan Shepherdson:

Motifs/thematic concerns:
Australian plants/botany/flora/fauna
Illness (being a patient)
Personal belongings (eg. shoes, jackets, socks)
Animals and insects (eg. crows, bees, spiders)
1960s-1970s novelty/history
Religion/prayer/church/miracles/god/religious clergy and sisters
Speech vs. silence
Human anatomy  (eg. spinal cord, chambers of the heart, lungs)
Simplicity vs. complexity
Science/physics/chemistry (eg. carbon, dissection, evaporation)
The ocean/the sea (eg. quartz, oysters, fishing) - the ocean as; eyes, pearls, memories
Birth (eg. the womb, giving life, delivery, mothers & sons)

Other recurring themes:
Colours representing times of day
Australian place names (eg. Mt. Gravatt, Kangaroo Point, Mt. Olivett)
Peoples names as initials/as a representation of the self

Stylistic notes/technique:

Direct address (
Interjection of "thoughts" or asides to the reader in brackets
Prose all in lower case except proper nouns (no internal/external punctuation)
Pairing of two unlike words to create clashing imagery
Use of arrows to indent/for emphasis (eg.
→ or ←)