Sunday, March 1, 2015

all along, you’ve used the first sentence as a lock. but now you find that it’s the key.

 What's in my bag (26/2/2015)?

Inspired by Beckie0 - my all time favourite vlogger.

-Red wallet (containing: learners permit, various concession cards, university ID, bank cards, library cards, loyalty cards and myki transport card)
-Cookie notebook from Daycraft
-Blue notebook with gold writing, 'TRUST YOUR CRAZY IDEAS'
-Blue A6 2015 planner
-Packet of Effexor-XR medication
-Nature's Own Vitamin B12 supplements
-Empty Nudie juice bottle for water
-Hand sanitizer
-Orange floral purse (containing: 2 sanitary pads, Ibuprofen, 4 spare rings and a fiddle toy)
-2 laminated name tags from sentimental events
-Spotty polkadot sticky tape
-Body Shop handcream
-Aesop body balm (tangerine and sandalwood scented)
-Aesop lipbalm (both this and this aka. perfection in product form)
-Empty ring box (cream with yellow bow)
-Medical strapping tape
-Harper's Bazaar Australia (March edition with Miranda Kerr on the cover)
-The Highly Sensitive Child book by Elaine N. Aaron
-2 sets of headphones (these are my favourite)
-Green, pink and blue highlighter
-Various assortment of pens (2 black gel pens, pink and black felt tip pens)
-Eye drops
-Set of keys for my nannying job
-Set of keys for my house (pink elephant keyring)
-Spare black ribbon
-2 wristwatches (one rainbow, one black and white)
-Set of AA batteries
-Palmer's cocoa lip balm (dark chocolate and peppermint flavoured)
-Information booklet on sleep disorders
-Thank-you card from Friday (I babysat the other night and she bought me special dairy-free dips, biscuits, coconut water, Elle magazine, chocolate and tea...I almost cried)

My current bag is a Cath Kidston rip-off, similar to this. Although this beautiful bag (in brown/sky) is due to arrive in the mail any day now and I cannot wait.