Sunday, April 5, 2015

i am seeking, i am striving, i am in it with all my heart.


To discuss with AP:

*Fluctuating moods/energy
- distressing, inconvenient
*Lyrica side effects?
- nerve pain, discomfort
*Life stressors
-Hamish's admission, Teli's ill health, PG's triggering experiences, Kieran's issues at home
*Religion & faith
- protective factor (community support), difficult to navigate aspects of myself which aren't acceptable (sexuality, trauma)
- constant sense of social overwhelm, anxiety, specifically planning my days to compensate for this overwhelm and balance the fatigue aftermath
*Tendency to make impulsive, rash decisions after ~ 11pm
- eg. buying expensive things online which I later regret/forget/feel ashamed
*Manic vs. everyday highs and lows?
- what's the difference?