Monday, June 15, 2015

a bruise is how a body remembers it's been wronged.

Things to look forward to:
-Continued slow days post semester (walks in the 'burbs, take away soy chais, sleep ins, picking the kids up from school, walking home with scrunchy leaves and easy laughter, op-shop expeditions, Degrassi eps in bed)
-Road trip with Alps to NSW (driving with the windows down and music up)
-Meeting up with Jay in Sydney for the day (looking forward to time with my sensitive and soulful friend) 
-Camping by a national park for a week with Alps, Jon and family (the regularities of camping; morning showers, dinner by the campfire, walks in bush, as well as sleeping alone in my tent and wearing ugly comfy clothes #loveoutfitcomboplanning) 
-Turning 21 at my home in the hills (celebrating with family and friends one heck of a milestone and achievement) 
-Solo trip to Tasmania for the National Suicide Prevention conference (thanks to SPA's bursary financial support) 
-Youth hostel in Tassie before/after the conference (exploring Hobart, visiting the markets, art galleries, vegan cafes and wandering alone)