Tuesday, September 22, 2015

to fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.

Short term goals:
  • Clear skin for my drivers license photo
  • Complete my cloth pad "stash" (21 pads for 21 years)
  • Finish semester 2 with minimal (no?) extensions required
  • Participate in my first professional teleconference
  • Get my website off the ground and edited to a level where I feel completely satisfied
  • Buy new laptop (Mac?) to bring to uni and take travelling
  • Pay 1/2 towards a car
  • Find my place within a church which acknowledges my sexuality (condemnation hurts) 
  •  Solo trip to N.S.W in my own car and by my own rules (visit Jay?)
Long term goals:
  •  Graduate from university - BA in Anthropology and English
  • Save enough money to travel to Sri Lanka and the UK (6+ months on a working visa), plus a safety net for my return
  • Grow hair past my shoulders
  • Completely wean off Effexor (process will take roughly 12 months)
  • Stop picking at my face and allow my skin/acne to settle and eventually clear
  • Dye a pink streak into my hair (just before I fly)
  • Hummingbird/seahorse tattoo by Harriet Hapgood in London
  • Start exploring the queer scene; have relationships with men and women with a focus on what feels comfortable
  • Spend time with Friday, Savi & Belle in Bristol; watching the kids grow and reach milestones (Belle's family portrait includes her toy Fluffy and me)