Saturday, November 14, 2015

and some days i can't even dress myself, it's killing me to see you this way.

Blog ideas for my website (which I fail to put into words):
-The privilege of recreational drug taking (for those who get to choose the form madness takes, who have access to appropriate care and intervention if illness or addiction strikes and can financially afford this romanticised form of escape)
-Suicidal ideation against the notion of "check your privilege"
(understanding social economic status and social risk factors to suicide, as well as self-report scales and depression screening tools)
-Why some forms of mental illness promotion/education is counterproductive (is it helpful to have celebrities and people known in the media coming out with stories of mental ill-health? Does this delegitimise more serious forms of mental illness while normalising others? While depression or anxiety may be seen as common and help seeking acceptable, what about self harm, OCD behaviours or hearing voices?)
-Appropriate memorials for those who died by suicide (the line between glorification and remembrance; how do we mark anniversaries? )
-The scarcity of interdisciplinary advocates (most advocates have diverse experiences of suicide, mental illness and trauma, however people seem to pick one specific area such as gender diversity, workplace mental health or youth intervention; their experiences in this area become the defining trait and focus of all future advocacy work...leaving little room for ambiguity)
-Why it's important to pay advocates for their time (my qualifications lie in my experiences...not financially recognising this further stigmatises and excludes me from a meaningful income)
-What does it mean to be a consumer centered in crisis intervention? Can you reject a diagnosis while still trying to reach and advocate for those who take it up? Does that make me a fraud or liar for representing a group that I feel does not represent me?
-Can the antimedicalisation movement (aka. the survivor movement) hurt the most vulnerable? By rejecting psychiatrists and health professionals ability to adequately treat and manage distress, do we undermine the legitimacy of this as a serious or meaningful experience?
-Thoughts on ABC's 'Mental As' week (triggers, triumphs and awareness building)
-Reading trauma into everyday situation (times where situations are misread due to past trauma; how to recover, explain and gain perspective on the situation)